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Pamukkale Tour


Important ınformatıon about Pamukkale which is shown as the eighth wonder of the world.

Whit its whiter than white travertines and famous ancient city Hierapolis,Ancient Theater which was the place of the beatiful dramas were staged and its healing waters Pamukkale is a paradise on earth.

Please join all these beauties in Pamukkale tour you will experience it yourself.


At 09:30 o’clock we start for Pamukkale and Hierapolis tour.

Tour is start from Red hot spring in Karahayıt.Karahayıt 23 km from Denizli.It has a health center speciality whit its minerals in its red water.Karahayıt where 5 km North side from Denizli,since Roman period,has been visited by so many people ,generally,red water was a complimental which compliments the thermal water in Pamukkale and.also just the red water

Can be remedy for deseases it self, too.Although,Karahayıt has the smilar formation with Pamukkale,the minerals in their water has the different specialities their inside.

Next step is Apollon Tapınağı

Temple of Apollon is settled on Plutonıon which is known as an old and spiritual cave.This place is the oldest spiritualcentre where Apollon met the goddess Kybele.

And Than we are moving to Ancient Theatre

Building the theatre started in 62AD and went on for 144 years.There are 50rows of seats which are divided into 7 parts with stairs.

After that Walls

The run is surrounded with walss in North,South and East.They are 2,50 meters tick and not very strong.Inaccordance of land it covers Roman city and 24 barbican that was built on strategıc poınts,average 80 meters range.

Other nicer place is Necropol

Outside of the walls and the walley there are many necropolis areas in all directions.Limestone and marble are used in graves.Marble is mostly used in sarcophagı.Theere are thousands of graves in Necropolis.

Hierapolis Archaelogy Museum

The Roman Bath,one of the biggest buildings of Hierapolis antique city,has been used as Hierapolis Archaelogy Museum , since 1984.

The Legends

Originally this work was of the Hellenizstic period.However the fıgures of Maryas,begin of Roman style indicate that are two Works that have been made into one.In the relief,Maryas hold his arm up,his hans tied  top ine tree.Opposite the bound Maryas a skeleton on its knees is sharpening a knife on a large Stone.The row of figures look at the bound figure of Maryas opposite them.The god Apollo watches from behind.

The Main Street and the Gates

The main street of the city,which runs in North-South direction,is 1 km long and divides the city into two.İt is flanked by porticos and monumental public buildings.Frontinus street is closed at each end by honorary Gates.

The Baths

Another set of baths was constructed outside the North gate at the beginning of the 3rd century A.D..this building was converted into a church in the Early christian Era(c.5th century A.D.)It s apparent that the building had stuccoed,vaulted ceilings and that the halls were decorated with marble slabs.



St.Philippe Martyrion

The Martyrion was built at the end of the fourth or at beginning of the fifth century on an area measuring 20 m by 20m.It was erected in honour of Saint Philip who was killed in Hierapolis.It became an important sactuary when Christianity was adopted as an official religion.

Antique Pool

The thermal water in the Antique Pool is very important for human health besides the earthly goods and historical artifacts.

We are going to eat after all of this beauty.


Pamukkale Tour


Daily departure at 09:30  and returns at 15:30

Whats icluded:Entry fees,lunch,proffesional speaking english guide,transfer

Whats excluded:Drinks,(if you want swim)antique pool entrance fee.

Reminds from İstanbul to Pamukkale 2 ways 1 day tour.

If you want you can come from İstanbul with at TK2576 06:30 flıght  to Denizli Çardak Airport.

We can pick you up from airport to Pamukkale.

After that you can join Pamukkale tour.

When finish Pamukkale tour we will drop to you to Denizli Çardak Airport for TK2579 flights to İstanbul