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Paragliding in Pamukkale

Tandem Paragliding flight is  to enjoy the sport and the main purpose of which consists of people who fly. Our goal is hobby and passion for the sport of paragliding, sky slopes and to share with you. Escape from city life and stress, we have an excuse to fly to get closer to nature, you are also invited.

Paragliding, released in the early 1980s by a few innovative aviation parachutes began running up the slopes. Over time, their performance has also increased with the development of parachutes and aerodynamic structures separated from the free parachutes, gliders, hang gliding has become a tool such as the purpose of the flight. 

Today, depending on the experience of pilots, paragliding from the hills with a small  , hundreds of kilometers away from the mold in the air for hours and could fly climp meters upwards. 
When folded up to fit in a backpack and the weight of scale some of the very few that have attracted mountaineers and mountain tops are Those arriving by flying a paraglider.